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About us

The SpencerCreo Centre offers more than a professional work environment with all the high-quality amenities of an office. It also offers a hub for community, connection, and relationship building with the inspiring changemakers of Vancouver's social purpose sector

Helen Stortini, SVP

conference room with tall windows overlooking city

About the SpencerCreo Centre

Enabling our charity tenants to do their best work 


The Centre is operated by the SpencerCreo Foundation, a small family foundation whose main focus is providing transformational support for individuals, largely through reducing barriers to employment and education. Tenants in the Centre generally have similar objectives, some specifically supporting children, youth, and families. Everyone shares values of equity, inclusion, and reconciliation.

A big vision can require multiple types of support. Few people can do it on their own. Whether it’s mentors, collaborators, or colleagues, a whole cast of characters can be required to take an idea from concept to reality. 

The SpencerCreo Centre exists to alleviate the problem that exorbitant private office space costs can present to talented and hard-working non-profit teams. With various shared workspace solutions available, we aim to help you multiply your impact. Finding somewhere to meet or work together can be challenging.


Providing offices, designated desks, or hot desks at subsidized rates


The Centre’s environment is accessible, friendly, and non-corporate. Meeting rooms, small kitchens, and open areas offer opportunities to enjoy the water cooler effect of mingling informally with like-minded people, sometimes leading to opportunities for collaboration. Access to the usual conveniences of the internet, phones, and printer/scanner/copier is included. 

amenities at the centre

  • Internet access

  • Subsidized, fully featured internet phones 

  • Printer/scanner/copier 

  • Two conference rooms with screens & whiteboards that can be booked by tenants using our online booking system 

  • Two smaller meeting/phone rooms

  • Two shared kitchens with dishes 

  • Limited storage space 

  • Underground bike storage and good transit accessibility 


Are you interested in joining our office hub? Accessing the Centre's high-quality shared workspace only takes a few steps. 

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