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Our community

Community, community, community! Knowing we can go to the office and connect with organizations experiencing the same challenges, shifts, and successes that we are is invaluable. The built-in support and camaraderie make the SpencerCreo Centre feel like home.

Growing Chefs

Three people standing at a counter and talking

Meet our tenants:
The 610ers


Our registered charity tenants work hard to support and empower the people and the communities they serve. By bringing together people and multiple organizations under one roof, we aim to increase the chances for serendipitous idea creation. Sometimes the best ideas are formulated in a casual setting, such as by the water cooler or in the hallway. By providing a common space where people with shared values can work, the SpencerCreo Centre hopes to contribute to creating and supporting transformative opportunities for individuals. 


More specifically, the SpencerCreo Centre helps small, socially-minded organizations grow and increase their impact and capacity in a place that provides the necessary amenities at an affordable price.

The impact

Cultivating a space for charity organizations


Supported by a Vancouver family foundation that encourages creating transformative opportunities for individuals, the SpencerCreo Centre sets the stage to thrive for smaller local social-purpose organizations. We provide subsidized office space where registered charities can share ideas, resources, and know-how.  


Tenants in the Centre generally have similar objectives, some specifically supporting children, youth, and families. Everyone shares values of equity, inclusion, and reconciliation.

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