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A Budding Growing Chefs: 2022/2023 Annual Report and Program Update

We also have so many great things budding at Growing Chefs this spring that it’s time for a program update.

PROGRAM UPDATEClassroom Gardening & Cooking Program: 

We entered our 19th year of classroom programming with a spring in our step and a refreshed curriculum. Our curriculum now offers an increased emphasis on what we eat, where it comes from, why we choose it, and what to do with it - all with the goal of establishing a healthy relationship with food from a young age, while still being packed with our favourite hands-on learning, cooking, and tasting. The curriculum is now delivered in four nutrient and learning packed lessons, making it more accessible to educators, volunteers, and students. 

This year we got an early start to the classroom program, launching four classrooms in February, and more starting throughout the spring. We hope to report back with more 10/10 reviews like the one we received from Rowen below.

“Rowen (one of our fabulous students) wants you to know he is giving Growing Chefs a 10/10 for the tasty food!. What a great program! We learned so much.”

- Judy (Rowen’s teacher at Edith Cavell Elementary)

LunchLAB: (a Growing Chefs and Fresh Roots collaboration)In the fall, we officially welcomed six staff members to our Growing Chefs team to deliver this unique school meal program. We are also very excited to announce that we have expanded LunchLAB to a third Vancouver school; serving even more students accessible, nourishing, culturally relevant lunches prepared by students with the mentorship of a team of chefs-in-residence. 

“Students feel like they are doing important work, learning about food and prep techniques, exercising good choices, getting excited about healthy food, building community with peers, understanding their own food requirements and portions, expanding their palettes, and developing their communication skills." - Administration at John Norquay Elementary School


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